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Bella B Products

Bella B Natural Bodycare, including world-famous Tummy Honey stretch mark products.

This complete line keeps mothers maternally beautiful, from head to tummy to toes!  Bella B is made up of Tummy Honey (Butter and Stick for stretch mark prevention and Cream for fading existing stretch marks during or after pregnancy), our Silk & Honey, Body Buzz, and Tummy to Toes body products, our Glowing and Bright Eyes face products, and our Nipple Nurture Butter and Cleansing Pads products for breastfeeding mothers.  To read more detail and view the products, scroll down.

A natural line of stretch mark prevention and fading products, Mother’s Intuition, Inc. now offers the complete Bella B Natural Bodycare line, which includes Tummy Honey.  Bella B Natural Body Care utilizes the highest quality clinically-proven ingredients available while maintaining the integrity of clean, natural formulations free of petroleum, mineral oils and parabens (artificial preservatives).  Bella B is perfectly formulated for expecting and new mothers, as well as all women concerned with the highest level of quality and exceptional ingredients found in much more expensive products (in much smaller packages).   Bella B has women’s bodycare needs covered, from head to tummy to toes!

The complete Bella B line is made up of ten products as follows.  Tummy Honey Butter, Cream and Stick are for prevention and fading stretch marks. The Butter is the primary prevention product and widely accepted as one of the top brands in the U.S.  Tummy Honey Stick is a convenient alternative to Butter for quick applications.  All Tummy Honey products include anti-itch ingredients to soothe itchy tummies!  Tummy Honey Cream is for fading existing stretch marks and also helps to prevent stretch marks.  The Tummy Honey 3-Pack makes a great gift for new mothers.

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Bella B includes two face products – Glowing and Bright Eyes.  Glowing is a pregnancy mask minimizer with 25 SPF and includes two clinically-proven ingredients to lighten skin without the use of bleaching ingredients. Bright Eyes Triple Action Eye Cream utilizes FIVE proven ingredients, any one of which is normally the basis of other high-end eye creams.  This exceptional cream is targeted at reducing the most stubborn dark circles, eye-puffiness and wrinkles.

Breastfeeding mothers will love the two new Bella B products – Nipple Nurture Butter and Nipple Nurture Cleansing Pads.  Many women don’t know that lanolin actually comes from sheep wool.  For women that prefer products free of animal by-products, Nipple Nurture Butter is a great alternative. It uses the highest grade shea and cocoa butters, specially formulated and blended with other key ingredients that result in a creamy butter that heals and soothes sore, cracked or dry nipples.    Nipple Nurture Butter is mild and only uses 100% safe and edible-grade ingredients.  Nipple Nurture Cleansing Pads are designed to wipe and clean the nipples before and after breastfeeding, as well as help heal and protect with organic aloe vera.

Bella B includes three exceptional body products – Tummy to Toes, Body Buzz and Silk & Honey.  Tummy to Toes has a creamy-rich formulation that cools and revitalizes tired legs and feet without smelling like menthol or other similar ingredients.  Body Buzz includes the most exclusive and proven ingredients on the market for firming the skin and minimizing cellulite in a full 8oz tube, ideal for the whole body.  Silk & Honey is like no other body lotion. It’s luscious and creamy feel maintains moisture all day.  Packed full of emollients including shea and mango butter, Silk & Honey All-Over Body Cream is a wonderful daily moisturizer that won’t dry out quickly like many other lotions.  Like all Bella B products, the scents are fresh, clean and wonderful!