Gender Reveal Parties

Precious Images Ultrasound offer a cute way to let family and friends know if you are having a baby boy or girl.

  • Cake or Cupcakes

    Cake or cupcakes, pink or blue coloring to a white cake mixture, fluffy frosting to disguise cake color. If you’re having fraternal twins, different colored cake for each baby. We could also make one cake for each baby.

  • Sealed Image

    Our Sonographer will seal a 2D ultrasound image of your baby’s gender and seal it in a pastel color envelope. You open the envelope in front of your guests, or let an honored guest open it and announce what you’re expecting.

  • Balloons

    We provide 50 white helium balloons for your guest, you hold one blue balloon, and your spouse holds one pink balloon. Have your guests count down from 10 like a rocket launch–whoever is holding the wrong color gender balloon let it go with the crowds “blast off.”

  • Complimentary Ultrasound

    Complimentary ultrasounds are scheduled two days before reveal party to determine gender.

  • Want more?

    The list is unlimited, all ideas are welcomed, and parties are available only on Sunday’s only.  Please inquire with staff for pricing.

Gift Cards Available!

3D 4D Ultrasound makes the perfect gift!